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Clix Wipers

The Ultimate Wiper Blade

Premium click-on wipers that can be replaced or swapped in seconds

  • All-Seasons


  • Contouring

    Flex Frame

  • Advanced

    Wiping Elements

  • Customizable

    Wiper Skin

Clix Wipers replacement

Easiest wiper on the planet

Clix Wipers developed the most convenient and unique installation system for a wiper blade. Simply install the Starter Clip to the wiper arm one time. Wipers can now be clicked-on-and-off in seconds. Finally, a better wiper blade!

Most Advanced Rubber

Clix Silicone+ Wipers uses the most advanced wiping element that withstands extreme temperatures and applies an embedded water-beading rain repellent to the windshield.

One great wiper. Customizable.

Clix Wipers are designed with a one-piece flex frame that contours and adjusts to the windshield shape throughout operation.

Because of this simplified engineering, we offer the wiper in a customizable wiper skin and choice between advanced natural and silicone rubber wiping elements.

All Wiper Subscribers Receive Lifetime Warranty

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