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Clix Wipers FAQs

How do I use Clix Wipers?

Clix Wipers can be easily replaced or interchanged by anyone in seconds. Simply hold both ends of the wiper, and rotate to remove. New wipers are put on by aligning and pressing the center of the wiper blade with the arrow on the starter clip.

How long do Clix Wipers last?

AAA recommends wiper blades should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on use and climate. Also, dirt and grime from the road wear down the cutting edge of the wiper blades. There are many variables such as location, where you park, how often the wipers are used, and other factors that determine the life of a wiper blade.

Each Clix Wiper coming with a Wiper Rejuvenator to remove dirt and grime.

Note: Only use when the wiper starts to wear.

Does Clix Wipers have Rear Wipers

Coming Soon!!

Note: Clix Wipers fit all J-hook style arms, which can be found on many vehicles pre-2013.

What makes Clix Wipers different?

1 - They are a great quality wiper blade

2 - They are easy replace or interchange

3 - They are fairly priced

4 - They look awesome