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A Brief History of Scion

A Brief History of Scion - ClixAuto

Scion was a sub-brand of Toyota that was introduced in 2003. The brand was created to appeal to younger drivers and to offer more affordable and customizable cars. Scion's first car was the xA, which was a small hatchback that was designed to be fun to drive and easy to customize.

Scion quickly gained popularity among younger drivers, and the brand expanded its lineup to include several other models, including the xB, tC, and FR-S. The xB was a boxy wagon that was designed to be practical and versatile, while the tC was a sporty coupe that offered a fun driving experience. The FR-S was a rear-wheel drive sports car that was developed in partnership with Subaru.

Scion also offered a wide range of customization options for its cars, including a range of accessories and aftermarket parts. The brand worked closely with several aftermarket companies to develop custom parts for its cars, and Scion owners often modified their cars to create unique and personalized vehicles.

Despite its early success, Scion struggled to maintain its momentum in the late 2000s and early 2010s. The brand faced increasing competition from other automakers, and sales began to decline. In 2016, Toyota announced that it would be discontinuing the Scion brand and folding its models back into the Toyota lineup.

While Scion is no longer in production, the brand's influence can still be seen in the automotive industry. Scion's focus on customization and personalization helped to popularize the trend of modifying cars, and the brand's innovative marketing campaigns and events helped to build a strong community of fans and enthusiasts. Today, Scion's cars are popular among collectors and enthusiasts, and the brand remains a beloved part of automotive history.

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