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22" 20" Set of two Clix Wipers with X-Clips

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Color – Black

WEATHER TOUGH: Don't let rain, sleet, or snow fog your focus. Clix Wiper Blades keeps your windshield clear, even in the harshest winter or storm conditions. Engineered with durable, high-grade materials for quiet, all-weather performance, choose a safer drive with these universal one-click replacement wiper blades.

BUILT TO LAST: Designed for superior, long-lasting performance. Clix Wipers premium wiper blade features a graphite coated compression-molded rubber squeegee—providing exceptional cold-weather durability, streak-free cleaning, and a strong, flexible grip. The curved blade and aerodynamic flex frame ensure even all-weather clearing up to 1.5 million cycles.

UNIVERSAL FIT: Crafted to fit your ride. These wiper blades are compatible with 97% of all wiper assemblies on cars, trucks, ATVs, RVs, buses, and more for a genuinely universal replacement.

ONE CLICK: Install your wiper blade replacements in seconds. Remove your old blades, add a starter clip to the wiper arm, and click on your Clix Wiper Blades for a instant, ultra-secure hold. Only Clix Wipers features our patent-protected, one-click system for easy, hassle-free installation. Check out our videos for a step-by-step guide!

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    22" 20"  Set of two Clix Wipers with X-Clips

    Clix Wipers Introduction


    What temperatures can OG Clix Wipers withstand?

    Clix Natural Rubber demonstrates high elasticity, resilience, and tensile strength. Additionally, it resists wear damage and offers dynamic performance properties. Endures temperatures ranging from -60°F to 180°F for enhanced durability in the face of weather. Clix Natural Rubber are much less susceptible to weathering, thus providing a greater life expectancy.

    How does clix work?

    Remove old wiper blade from your vehicle. Attach the starter clip to the blade. Attach the blade to your vehicle wiper arm. When replacing old ClixWipers, simply click off the old wiper blade from the starter clip and replace with new Clix Wiper.

    Can I just replace the rubber?

    Yes! We have rubber refills available for purchase. If your wipers are still looking great but are showing signs of wear when in use, you can change out the rubber to make the wipers new again! Click Here to purchase your rubber refills!