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CLIX Carbon Fiber Finish - Single Front Wiper Blade

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$24.99 USD
Color: Orange


Introducing Clix Wipers Carbon Fiber Wiper Blades, the ultimate solution for clear visibility in any weather.

Don't let rain, sleet, or snow fog your focus. These wiper blades are engineered with durable, high-grade materials for quiet, all-weather performance, ensuring a safer drive. The C CLIP fits J-hook, Pinch Tab, and Bayonet, while the L CLIP fits 16mm and 19mm Top Button wiper arms.

Built to last, Clix Wipers premium wiper blade features a graphite coated compression-molded rubber squeegee that provides exceptional cold-weather durability, streak-free cleaning, and a strong, flexible grip. The curved blade and aerodynamic flex frame ensure even all-weather clearing up to 1.5 million cycles.

These wiper blades are compatible with 97% of all wiper assemblies on cars, trucks, ATVs, RVs, buses, and more for a genuinely universal replacement. Sold as single blade refills with two starter clips, you can mix and match your favorite colors for a unique, custom style.

The installation process is a breeze with our patent-protected, one-click system. Remove your old blades, add a starter clip to the wiper arm, and click on your Clix Wiper Blades for an instant, ultra-secure hold. Check out our videos for a step-by-step guide!

Clix Wipers has been in the windshield wiper manufacturing business for over 25 years, and we saw a need for something better in the industry. With Clix Wipers, we sought to innovate windshield wipers for good, putting drivers and improved road safety first. We're proud to bring easy-to-use quality products to our customers and are available for any questions or support you need!

    What's In The Box

    • 1 Front Wiper Blades
    • Starter Clips to fit your vehicle

    Installation Video

    • All-Season


    • Contouring

      Flex Frame

    • Advanced

      Wiping Elements

    • Customizable

      Wiper Skins

    How Clix Works


      Once your Starter Clip is clicked onto the wiper, install the wiper to the wiper arm. Clix Wipers has the Starter Clip needed for nearly all modern vehicles.

    • Clix Wipers replacement


      Align the center crown of your wiper with the arrow printed on the center of your Starter Clip. Once aligned, press until you feel the *CLICK*


      Simply grab both end of the wiper and rotate to remove.


      Have favorite team? Swap your team color wiper blades on in seconds on game day.

    Installation Video

    Changing Wiper Blades

    Available in AutoZone Stores Nationwide

    *in the Accessory Aisle*

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How good is the wiper?

    Clix Wipers are engineered to be the ultimate wiper blade. The wiper includes a one-piece flex frame design that contours to the many shapes of the windshield throughout its operation. The wiper is designed for both extreme summer and winter weather. Every wiper includes an advanced wiping element available in both natural and silicone rubber.

    How long does the wiper last?

    There are many variables that effect the lifespan of a wiper blade like location, severity of use, and more. With the advanced design of Clix Wipers, they are designed to last longer than traditional national branded wipers. Generally speaking, your Clix Wipers should perform effectively for about a year.

    Will Clix Wipers fit my vehicle?

    Clix Wipers are designed to fit nearly any vehicle - car, truck, RV, etc. Unlike the other national brand wipers, Clix Wipers has starter clips to fit all wiper arm styles, some of which may traditionally be a hassle.

    What makes Clix Wipers so special?

    Clix Wipers are the ultimate wiper blades. They are a great wiper for a great price that replaces easier than an other wiper blade. Our superior design has a long lasting life and an installation system that makes replacing wipers a breeze. To top it off, we offer our superior product with a customizable wiper skin to match your car or your personality.

    What is Wiper Club?

    Wiper Club is our membership program that is like insurance for your wipers. For a low annual fee, you receive the exact wipers needed for your car with a lifetime warranty. When you need new wipers, simply click-on replacements in seconds. Never worry about your wipers again. Ever. Deliveries are automatically schedule annually and can be updated or delayed with ease. You can even swap designs between deliveries.

    Clix Wipers

    CLIX Carbon Fiber Finish - Single Front Wiper Blade


    $24.99 USD