Who we are

AUTOTEX was born in New Jersey in 1991 under the name Wipers Express, which matured to Wexco Industries. We continued to develop into a full engineering and manufacturing company for heavy duty wiper systems. In late 2015, AUTOTEX spun off from parent Wexco Industries.
We are a fresh name in the industry with a rich history full of experience and expertise. Our lineage, proficiency, and passion for this company and brand will continue to carry us and our partners to new heights!


  • Passenger and Commercial (Heavy Duty) Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Heavy Duty Wiper Motors
  • Heavy Duty Wiper Arms
  • Heavy Duty Wiper System Components

NAICS Codes: 423110, 423120
UNSPSC Codes: 25171500, 25171502, 25171505, 25171507, 25171504


  • Automotive and Heavy Duty Windshield Wiper Application Data ACES Pies -
  • Customer Specific Marketing
  • Product Training

Autotex Founders

- Paula Lombard

- Arthur Leardi

- Anthony Leardi

The journey so far!

  • 1991 – Founded as Wipers Express by Paula Lombard and Steve Schwartz
  • 1998 – Entered OEM heavy duty wiper system business
  • 2002 – Developed and launched wiper programs for RainX, Service Pro, and Mighty Auto Parts
  • 2007 Arthur & Anthony enter business at WEXCO Industries
  • 2009 – Designed and launched AUTOTEX PINK
  • 2014 Launch
  • 2016 – Spin off AUTOTEX from parent company Wexco Industries
  • 2018 - Opened new headquarters in Sanford Fl

Our values

  • Create a can-do culture of innovation
  • Grow relationships.
  • Keep it real. Keep it simple.
  • Integrity matters
  • Quality is our best testimonial
  • Build movements with great causes and companies