• From Humble Beginnings Come Great Things

    T.E. Lawrence

The Origin Story

Clix Auto was founded originally as AutoTex in 2016 by brothers Arthur and Anthony. How do 2 brothers that grew up in a NJ barber shop end up in the wiper blade business?

Their mother Paula was an entrepreneurial young woman selling everything from purses to costume jewelry. In 1991, after owning a cafe in Paterson, NJ, Paula started a company selling wipers from the trunk of her car by training full-service gas attendants to sell and install wiper blades.

What started from the trunk of her car grew to a well-regarded business in the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturing industries.

Paula's company, now Wexco Industries, currently engineers wiper systems for commercial vehicles.

The Clix Story

While searching how to differentiate in a commoditized world, we learned by reading thousands of consumer reviews for the national brands. It was clear that wipers were too difficult to find and install and customers weren't getting value for their money.

Our approach was simple - solve the pain of finding and changing wipers, make a great quality wiper at a fair price, and add beautiful design and customization.

Now, as a modern family of automotive accessories, we approach our product design and development with a similar philosophy. We aim to create amazing products that excite people and exceed expectations.

Our Values

  • Be Nice

  • Same Team

  • Dream Big

  • Keep Going

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